Custom Packaging Completes Largest Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation In Middle Tennessee

September 9, 2010


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Steve Chiariello


Custom Packaging Completes Largest Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation In Middle Tennessee

Working with solar company Inman Solar, Custom Packaging Installs a 100 kW Solar Array

(January xx, 2010) Lebanon, Tn. – Custom Packaging, Inc today announced that it has completed a 100 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its Lebanon, Tennessee facility. The system is the largest in the region, according to Middle Tennessee EMC.

Inman Solar of Chattanooga, TN was tapped to engineer and integrate the solar solution for Custom Packaging, which employed contractors from Nashville, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, and Manchester to complete the project. In total, over 25 people were involved with completing the project that was funded in part by federal and state grant dollars.

“Projects like this represent a win-win for the customer and the community alike,” said Steve Chiariello, Principal of Inman Solar. “Custom Packaging gets a great investment that will increase in value as energy prices increase. The community benefits from jobs and from the reduced carbon emissions for 30 years. The utility will lower peak energy demand that result from solar projects.”

Solar remains the cleanest of all renewable energy alternatives.

Custom Packaging Engineering Manager Ron Girten added, “We have been looking at solar and other renewable energy projects for a long time but were never able to make the economics work. For us, this is a way to save money and reduce our exposure to rising energy prices. The environmental benefits are a nice bonus.”

The project benefitted from federal grants as well as state grants administered by the Tennessee Solar Institute. The power generated will be sold to Middle Tennessee EMC at a premium rate through Tennessee Valley Authority’s Green Partners program.

The system will produce about 10% of the plants total power, resulting in savings of over $25,000 per year. The reduction of carbon and other harmful emissions that results from this installation is the equivalent of take 16.6 cars off of our roads, or the amount of carbon that is absorbed annually by 26 acres of trees

About Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging, Inc. is a privately owned and operated manufacturer of graphics packaging, Point of Purchase Displays and industrial/bulk boxes. They provide turnkey services for many of their retail clients. Custom Packaging is continually looking to improve in its efforts to be good stewards in the community and on the environmental front. For questions or comments visit

About Inman Solar

Inman Solar is a full service solar photovoltaic (PV) systems integrator serving commercial and residential customers in Georgia and the Southeast. They offer engineering, installation, maintenance and consultation services for residential, commercial and utility scale projects. Inman Solar specializes in solutions that maximize return on investment, while being environmentally and socially responsible. For more information, visit

  • Custom Packaging, Inc. looks to reduce their environmental impact throughout its processes from concept to design to manufacturing. With the aide of Inman, Middle TN electric, TVA, state and federal funding our solar project became financially viable, grew legs, and now has a heartbeat.
  • Any of our waste reduction, elimination and or efficiency projects first and foremost have to make business/economic sense. Custom struggled with the idea of a solar photovoltaic system for years trying to make the numbers work. As we struggled, energy prices continually rose to a point where something had to be done to offset the perpetually rising cost of doing everyday business. Thanks to Inman Solar and everyone who worked on this project we all have something to be proud of.
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