Manufacturing is the core of Custom Packaging and its operations. Our goal of complete customer satisfaction is realized through our ability to quickly and efficiently manufacture quality products.

Our greatest assests are our employees and equipment. With a low employee turnover, we have experienced crews in all processes. Cross training has provided us with opportunities to maintain our quality and efficiencies at all times. Our equipment is state of the art, which ensures less downtime and on time deliveries.

Our capabilities cover all flutes from E-flute to Triplewall in small to large quantities.

Custom Packaging uses multiple suppliers in all critical material purchases, ensuring a stable and secure supply chain.

Quality is our focus at Custom Packaging. We are ISO9001 registered, which allows us to duplicate successful actions, thus providing a consistent level of quality. We maintain an in-house dedicated ink technician to ensure color accuracy and consistency on each and every run.

Custom Packaging’s commitment to environmental sustainability is incorporated into our manufacturing operations. Our processes are continually monitored for opportunities to reduce waste. Our conveyorized plants reduce the number of times products are handled, which minimizes damage and waste. An all-electric tow motor fleet eliminates hydrocarbon emissions and enhances safety. Through numerous upgrades and programs, Custom Packaging has reduced our demand for electricity by 2000KW and our electrical usage by 193,000 KWH annually.